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Jewelry for brown-haired women: principles and rules of selection

Brown hair is the most variable and diverse color type. Their appearance can be aristocratically noble, exquisitely elegant, and desperately mischievous. By choosing one outfit, accessories, and type of makeup, you can manage your own image, transforming, transforming, and improving it. Learn the rules for choosing jewelry by hair color in articles on - and you will decide for yourself which facet of your nature to demonstrate today!

Features and types - what is brown hair?

Women who belong to this category can look very different. These are light-blond beauties with light eyes (golden, blue or green), and ladies with dark blond or golden brown curls, and even so-called "dark" brown-haired women - owners of strands of a rich chestnut tone and fair skin. Therefore, it is quite difficult to choose jewelry for girls with different shades of hair and eyes. How do celebrities deal with this problem?

The wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a classic dark brown-haired woman with gray-green eyes. On such a background, jewelry with transparent or light precious stones looks best. And the duchess herself perfectly understands this - yes, she wore earrings with pearls and zirconium on the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. By the way, accessories should not be sky-high at all - Kate can often be seen in inexpensive jewelry. The main thing is that the decorations look presentable and are of high quality.

The famous British actress Keira Knightley also belongs to dark brown-haired women. Her color type was especially vivid in the role of Anna Karenina, and the accessories for her dress were made of diamonds and natural pearls. These exquisite earrings and necklaces from "Chanel Haute Joaillerie" became the most expensive pieces of jewelry made for cinematic needs.

When choosing jewelry, it is necessary to be guided not only by the color of the hair but also by the shade of the eyes and skin. Below, we will consider in detail the features of each color type and determine how to choose jewelry for each of them.

Light brown girls are Slavic beauties

світлі шатенки

A large part of Ukrainian women belong to this type. Gentle white skin, light blue, green or grayish eyes, as well as light blond braids - all these features have been preserved since the days of Kyivan Rus. The gentle charm and beauty of Slavic women was described by Ovid, but modern brown-haired women are in no way inferior to their ancestors! So, how to choose jewelry for such beauties?

First of all, they are obliged to focus the attention of others on the naturalness, naturalness and delicacy of the girl. Metals such as platinum, silver and white gold are best suited for this. Precious stones should also be dull, transparent or pastel. Only in this way will the charm and mystery of light brown hair be fully revealed. But artificial "acidic" colors should be avoided, because they will completely drown out your soft and gentle natural attractiveness.

Gems of organic origin go well with the beauty of the Slavic type. Therefore, complement your casket with accessories - an elegant amber necklace, a pearl necklace or a coral necklace. At the same time, the size of individual beads will depend on your build and build - yes, tall girls can wear larger and massive products, but petite and slender girls should prefer a light single-row string.

If your eyes are green or gray-green in color, pay attention to products with olive, lime and lime gemstones - for example, aventurine, green amethyst, calcite, quartz or fluorite. They will bring true spring freshness and beauty of blooming nature into your image, and together with blond hair and golden skin, the rich shade of gems will look even richer and more attractive. Yes, a silver ring with jade or the same earrings will perfectly complement an elegant evening dress. And by the way, the bigger such an insert, the more elegant your silhouette will look!

Also, jewelry for brown-haired women can be sky blue, pink or have a shade of sea waves. For example, a rose quartz necklace or rhodonite earrings will help create a romantic and gentle look, emphasize a soft blush and bright lips. And products with blue and aquamarine crystals will visually smooth out dark circles under the eyes.

How to choose jewelry for the dress of a dark-blonde brown-haired girl?

Stylists in different countries have not yet come to a consensus about which women belong to this type. Yes, in France the word "châtaigne" means "chestnut", but most often dark-blond ladies are called brown-haired. As a rule, they have fair skin that is easily covered with a golden tan, and brown, green, or dark gray eyes.

Прикраси для темної шатенки

This color type looks brighter and richer. Therefore, accessories for him should be warm and sunny. However, a lot depends on the environment and the clothes themselves - yes, in winter it is better for fair-skinned brown-haired beauties to wear silver jewelry, but in summer you can try on products made of gold, bronze and other golden alloys.

Precious stones, with which dark-haired ladies decorate themselves, can be brighter than in the previous color type, but they must also remain natural and not very noticeable. It is better to leave jewelry with a piercing, artificial color on the store shelf, instead, purchase products with natural colored gems. Opals, tourmalines, and some varieties of agates have a similar color.

Warm green tones look nice next to chestnut-golden strands. Therefore, pay attention to earrings, bracelets and necklaces with chrysolite, malachite and jade. And if you want the golden hue of your hair to become brighter, give preference to yellow and orange gems - beryllium, spinel, amber or citrine.

How to choose jewelry for a dress? Delicate, translucent crystals from "Swarovski" with a light purple, cognac, pink or peach tint will look most elegant. Pendants and pendants with snow-white pebbles will become an elegant and stylish accent. On a walk with friends, wooden and leather bracelets are appropriate, and massive earrings and rings made of various alloys will allow you to create an extraordinary and bold image - just in time for a trip to a nightclub.

Dark brown hair is a hit of modern fashion

A similar shade of hair is now in trend, because the rules for choosing jewelry for owners of dark brown hair are quite easy. Yes, they like both gold and silver products, as well as various alloys of bronze, brass, and steel. The main thing is not to mix together "warm" golden and "cold" silver accessories.

Темна шатенка

But when choosing gems, it is better to focus on the shade of the iris. In particular, brown-eyed ladies will suit any jewelry that plays with all shades of green - mint, sea wave tone, "mojito" or apple. They will perfectly complement your natural color type, give it a magical glow and amazing attractiveness. Girls with gray eyes should try on earrings with rauchtopaz (this precious stone is also known as smoky quartz), chalcedony, tourmaline, flint.

Do not forget about completely black, opaque or translucent minerals. Accessories made of them are able to "whiten" the skin, give it a gentle mattness and porcelain purity. An obsidian necklace, a hematite bracelet, a necklace of black pearls or a ring with agate - in combination with the appropriate outfit and makeup, these products will allow you to create a mystical, enchanting and unusual image.

And if you are preparing for a holiday or a solemn event - wear light and shiny jewelry, because they can best shade the shine of eyes and hair. Similar products include earrings with white "wax" amber, a moonstone pendant, a mother-of-pearl pendant or a pearl bracelet.

Since the color type of dark browns is closest to the type of brunettes, it is recommended to complement their appearance with juicy, saturated and deep tones. For example, bright red and purple shades will refresh the skin and emphasize a natural blush. If you want to add some originality to your image, try on peacock eye earrings made of real feathers. But it is better to avoid monotonous indigo and purple accessories - they will make the skin too pale and highlight even the smallest flaws.

And finally, when choosing jewelry for brown-haired women, it is necessary to remember that their main trump card is naturalness. Unnatural, too bright colors, synthetic materials, artificial fabrics - all this is better to avoid. Choose products made of natural stones and precious metals - you will always look stylish, gentle and elegant!